Full Power Acro Weekend


with Tanja and Ales - the Acrocouple Slovenia


31.10. and 1.11.2020

Sat: 10-17.30 

Sun: 11-18 Uhr



Full power Acro weekend


Get ready for 4 different, 3hour workshops with everything you want.



1. Hand to Hand:

wether you are just starting your h2h Journey or you already want to learn different entries to standing h2h - they got you covered.

2. washing machines:

I´m curious about what they will show us out of their 100+ washing machine collection. So yes, there will be more than one that you´ve never tried before and going to have plenty of fun with.



3. Foot to Hand:

reverse or regular, high, low, rolling sideways... 


4. This last session will be "Wunschkonzert" - tweak your trick, as they call it.

This means you can ask for anything you wish (please only acro related- haha  ;-) or be inspired by others requests.



Yoga Zentrum Gauting

Leutstettener str. 3

82131 Gauting


Full weekend €100

If you need a discount, no problem, just contact



Register here

 or via


For lunchbreak I recommend bringing your own, but there are also a few restaurants nearby - two Italians and a Vietnamese (this one is very slow on Saturdays but great on Sunday) and a supermarket (saturday only) across the road.




 Ales and Tanja


Co-Create the magic, that one can not create alone: That is what they are doing.

If one has ever heard of “the slovenian acro couple” it’s most probably them: Tanja and Alès. 2

013 they fell in love with each other and the practice of Acroyoga and Partner Acrobatics, which they are teaching in classes, workshops and retreats worldwide in the most authentic, knowledge-based and humorous way – just how they are.

We could stop here, but there’s something more to tell about these two unique and special souls.

All along Tanja Urankar has been very much into sportive activities and all aspects of health, the human body and bodywork. With her background of Medical highschool for nurses and her studies of sanitary engineering she later learned Therapeutic back massage, which she still offers to her clients. Her energy led her to dance, where she loves to spread her lust for life in Hiphop, Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata. 

Alès Hren is the man, who makes other people fly: in Acroyoga but also in his second passion and part-time-job as a windtunnel instructor. For a long time he has been searching for the deeper sense of life and the question how to combine energetic healing with bodywork moved him on this way. Aikido, Judo and Martial Arts, where he has ten years of experience, were stations on this way, that later also led to dance and Kizomba.






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